Salt Studio Consultancy is a first nation business providing cultural consultancy, cultural education, creative workshops and yarning circles.

Salt studio consultancy services are suitable for:

  • Community groups and individuals
  • Primary & tertiary health services
  • Community & welfare services
  • Schools & tertiary institutions
  • State & local governments

We look forward to working with you in the spirit of shared knowledge exchange in building sound cultural wisdom.


‘I feel very privileged to have shared this space with you both and to have heard your stories; And learnt from you. Thank you very much’

Participant – Education, Vic. Working in two worlds

‘This has been a great experience and the highlight of recent months. It has been so rich, and I appreciate you taking the time to do this virtually’

Participant – Education, Vic. Working in two worlds

‘Because I feel empowered, I can speak from a stronger place now. I feel that I can not be the quite voice in the back row, I can sit up the front and strongly speak a bit more.’

Participant – Education, Vic. Working in two worlds

‘I wanted to do this training because I really wanted to learn about now to support a First Nations person within the workplace. Particularly in a government workplace. And I feel like I got a lot out of this moving forward. I feel empowered to bring this learning and knowledge to others. Also, to move forward from tokenism within the workplace’.

Participant – Vic, Local GovtWorking in two worlds

‘I just really appreciate your facilitation style in cultural leadership, and your ability to share your personal story. I felt that any question could be asked, and I’ve learnt a lot’

Participant -Education. VIC First Nations Cultural Leadership

“where you asked the question to reflect and where we fit in, that session was so powerful because at the end you acknowledged us and said none of you said Cultural Leaders”

Participant – Construction Industry – QLDFirst Nations Cultural Leadership

My highlight was learning about the eight ways of knowing. I thought it was so beautifully put, especially in relating it back to the land, the community, to country. It was easy for me to understand how this would be applied in community leadership.

Participant, Vic, Local Govt. Community Leadership Program

This training has given me a better understanding to support my students, and to start the yarn with them. I was not sure how to bring the conversation into the classroom, but I have more confidence now to have an open yarn. And your right, that young people a more in tune to truth telling and they want to know the truth of this country’s history with its First Nations peoples and communities. This has been incredibly powerful learning. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge.

Participant, Education. NSWWorking in two worlds

The simple message of placing cultural safety in our practices to change the way we engage with First Nations peoples really supported what we have being trying to do but failed, we can see now were we went wrong and how we can build on our journey to ensure our practices are inclusive, that it’s not always government talk.

Participant, QLD State GovtWorking in two worlds

I work in family violence, and I work with First Nations co-workers who are incredible. I now see that maybe my support or attempts to support them might have come across as token and that I might have made things worse rather then better for the worker and clients. I feel ashamed to say this…I thought that I was aware and that I was being culturally safe. This training has really opened my mind and my eyes to really see my own privilege.

Participant, Community Services, VIC.Working in two worlds